Little Sparrows Technologies (LST) was launched in 2013 by Donna Brezinski, MD, a Neonatologist at Boston Children's Hospital and an Instructor in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. With more than twenty years of experience caring for infants, Dr. Brezinski, together with her husband, Gary Gilbert, MD,  co-founded LST to develop innovative approaches to ensure that all infants have access to the medical care that they need.

Although neonatal jaundice is one of the most common and treatable medical conditions in newborns,  phototherapy treatment is unavailable to more than 40% of the world's infants due to high equipment costs, the challenges of distributing of devices, and the lack of reliable line power to operate them. The first capability of LST is the Bili-Hut™, a low-cost, portable, battery-operable neonatal phototherapy device that can delivery high-intensity phototherapy in the low-resource areas where babies die from this curable condition.  In addition to applications in the developing world, the Bili-Hut™ will meet the specifications for phototherapy in developed countries to improve the accessibility of devices in smaller community hospitals as well as for use in home care.

Little Sparrows Technologies is a for-profit social enterprise.