60% of newborns develop jaundice in the first week of their lives.


It's one of the most common neonatal conditions, and the incidence jumps to 80% for preterm infants.

Globally, an estimated 6 million newborns do not receive treatment for severe jaundice because they lack access to effective phototherapy devices. Annually, jaundice causes approximately 30% of newborn deaths in underdeveloped areas, and many survivors suffer lifelong neurological disability as a result of the condition.

This is a solvable global health tragedy - and why we created the Bili-Hut.


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Photo courtesy Alissa Ambrose/STAT

Photo courtesy Alissa Ambrose/STAT

The Bili-Hut™ was featured in the Boston Globe on October 26, 2015.

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CEO Donna Brezinski was invited to demonstrate the Bili-Hut™ to Congressman Joe Kennedy III during his visit to MassChallenge with the Alliance for Business Leadership.


Little Sparrows Technologies was one of three pediatric medical device companies awarded $25,000 in seed funding from the Philadelphia Pediatric Medical Device Consortium (PPDC).

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Saving LIves At Birth

We were honored to be selected as a 2014 Grantee and a Peer Choice Award Recipient at the Saving Lives at Birth Grant Competition in August 2014.

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THe Bili-Hut

Portable and battery-operable, the Bili-Hut™ addresses the urgent need for phototherapy in low-resource areas of the world, bringing the cure to the patient, regardless of location. 

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