bili-hut ™

phototherapy treatment for the baby, made easy by the mother's bedside.

bili-hut side

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lightweight & can be folded flat for easy transport

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sits right next to the mother's bed, in the hospital or at home


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high intensity LEDs meet AAP recommendations

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no bright lights shining in baby's or mother's eyes

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technical specs

NOTE: Not yet available in the U.S., pending 510(k) review.

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  • semi-flexible nylon shell with reflective interior

  • double secure fastenings with easy-to-open tabs

  • integrated light shields lowering light levels to baby's and mother's eyes

  • wipeable surfaces


  • positions and comforts infant during treatment

  • includes disposable nest cover


  • meets the American Academy of Pediatrics requirements for high-intensity phototherapy

  • high-intensity, long-lasting blue LEDs for phototherapy treatment

  • LED indicator & automatic shutoff if device reaches unsafe operating temperature


  • snap-and-click bassinet stand insert

  • carrying case